1. Application

The general terms and conditions of purchase described below apply to the sale of all items displayed in the catalogue of shop.mcneel.eu products. All users must agree to the following general conditions of engagement before the order can be confirmed. No order shall be processed or sent if these conditions are not accepted.
Also, if the user checks the “I have read and I accept the terms and conditions” box, it is understood that the user has READ, UNDERSTOOD and ACCEPTED the conditions.

2. Prices, Deals and Promos

All prices indicated in shop.mcneel.eu correspond to the RRP and are expressed in EUROS without VAT. In cases in which the item already has a discount, it will be included in the specified price. The amount payable, excluding VAT, will appear in the shopping cart. The VAT will be added, if any, when the billing country is specified. The EU Community Law of 1st June 2003 regarding Value Added Tax shall apply.
The prices and deals will be valid according to what is specified in the product or promo information and may change without prior notice or due to the lack of stock.

In the event that the final prices do not correspond to the prices listed in the order, shop.mcneel.eu will inform the user of the final price to pay and he/she will have the option of accepting, modifying or rejecting the order.

3. Payment Methods

All orders placed on shop.mcneel.eu can be paid by bank transfer to the account number specified on the web site. If there are bank charges or commissions, these shall be paid by the buyer and shall not be deducted from the total amount. Payment shall be considered made when the bank confirms the transfer and account deposit. To expedite orders and reservations, a proof of bank transfer shall be sent by e-mail (shop@mcneel.eu).

4. Delivery and Availability

The products listed in shop.mcneel.eu are usually available in our digital warehouse. If the product is available, electronic delivery is done immediately after the payment confirmation.

5. Guarantee

All our products include a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If for any reason you are unhappy with a product purchased from us, return it immediately for a full refund.

6. Privacy Policy

Privacy and Data Protection Policy


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